Proprietary (out-of-the-box) tools come with certain restrictions in place regarding the use of the underlying source code. Book a free consultation to discuss how EPAM Startups & SMBs can help drive your software engineering project. Scalability and Performance
Ensure that the integration can handle increased loads and traffic. Test the system’s performance under different scenarios to identify bottlenecks and optimize scalability. Error Handling and Logging
Develop error-handling mechanisms to handle data discrepancies, connection failures, and other integration-related issues. Comprehensive logging helps in diagnosing and resolving problems efficiently.

telecom software development

Provide your customers with top-notch video, audio, text, image, and media files exchange environments under your brand. We’ll guide you through the initial consultation and project kickoff process. Green Telecom Solutions
Environmental sustainability is becoming crucial. Custom software can be developed to optimize energy usage, reduce carbon footprint, and improve overall eco-friendliness.

A Complete Guide to Custom Telecom Software Development in 2023

Intellias offers custom IT solutions for telecommunications addressing specific business optimization requests. Working on software development for telecom, Intellias facilitates customer service with tailored user management solutions and ERP systems. All of our four founders were working in the IT department of a mobile network provider over a decade ago. It means we have practical experience in telecom software development, this is what we have started with. Since 2009, we offer our telecommunications software development services to major international mobile networks and internet providers, helping them migrate to a better future.

telecom software development

Develux works tirelessly to implement cutting-edge technology, ensuring that your operation support system always exceeds industry standards. Our telecommute software developers take pride in their custom-tailored solutions. We take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your business model. We believe that good telecom software should fit you like a glove custom telecom solutions – but it should also be able to grow and evolve as you do. Telecom software companies design, construct, and manage systems that aid in electronic communications. Develux offers interactive telecom solutions that add competitive value to an organization’s offerings while simultaneously accelerating its digital transformation and bringing in new revenue streams.


In this case, a new application roll-out will not steer many extra complexities. On the contrary, a properly selected vendor and right-sized deployment might help harmonize some aspects of your architecture through the usage of premade connectors and integrators. Some out-of-the-box solutions are enhanced, commercial versions of open-source software (for example, RedShift Open Shift or Realm MongoDB). We found working with EPAM has been a true partnership, where they’ve proven themselves to be a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking team that has really helped us push the boundary of customer-centric innovation.

telecom software development

Data Synchronization
Implement real-time or periodic data synchronization mechanisms between the custom software and legacy systems. This ensures that data remains up-to-date across all integrated platforms. Advanced Customer Experience Management
Custom telecom software should focus on enhancing customer experiences. This includes personalized services, real-time communication, and self-service options through intuitive interfaces.

Our telecom software development services

In our case, we would like to focus on the latter — infusing open source into your software development projects such as Operational Support Systems or Business Support Systems. For example, Red Hat OpenShift is a commercialized open-source product, derived from an open-source Kubernetes project. The key selling point of OpenShift is that its container orchestration platform has better security and provides extra features, designed specifically for enterprises. Let’s dive in and explore some of the key aspects of the Telco software development process. Improve release speed, optimize maintenance costs, speed up updates and acquire a more wholesome network management environment. Expand your business opportunities and take all benefits of remote network management with the power of the cloud and connectivity.

Proven ways of working, domain knowledge and an open culture that prioritizes ownership mean we contribute from day one. We deliver cross-functional teams that work with every crucial cloud technology and tool on the market. After go-live, we ensure your services run smoothly by providing 24/7 SLA tailored to your needs. We will carry out technical deep dive sessions and audit current platforms, integrations and processes if needed.

Off the shelf vs custom telecom software development

Tailored IPTV apps for delivering high-quality multimedia content, such as live TV, video-on-demand, and interactive services. We help you drive business agility with tailor-made applications that cater to your unique needs. From a mobile number portability system to sales force automation, our custom applications empower your business. We harness the capabilities of advanced platforms, enabling efficient management of diverse operations. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of Telecom Software Development Services designed to propel your telecommunications ventures into excellence. Our developers will then create your solution – all while conducting continuous testing.

Deployment to Production
After a successful UAT, the software is moved to the production environment, making it accessible to all users. We’ll provide ongoing maintenance, ensuring that your product runs as perfectly as it did on launch day. Telecommunications is a strong driver of global prosperity, growth, and innovation and enables organizations to transmit messages and data via reliable, secure means.

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If that developer left, you would have squandered the commission and the time invested in training them. You must decide whether you want to hire a custom telecom software development company or establish your team from scratch if you’re going to enter the world of software development for telecommunications. You must think about your route if you want to start investigating telecom software development services. The conventional approach is to hire your team and create it from the ground up.

  • We develop network functions for IN, IMS and 3G/4G/5G standards using open-source technology or by integrating solutions from Cisco BroadSoft, Casa Systems and leading cloud vendors, including AWS, GCP and Azure.
  • As a prominent telecommunication software development company renowned for its outsourcing prowess, ValueCoders has earned an excellent reputation.
  • We integrate flexible and robust telecom APIs from global telecommunications industry leaders to your existing business solutions to optimize workflow efficiency.
  • Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations.
  • Accelerate the business side of telecom operations with customer-facing solutions.
  • It analyzes sensor data, predicts issues, and proactively prevents outages.

However, your IT team may not be sufficiently large to address all these obstacles, hindering the pace at which your projects progress, and consequently, meeting the expectations of your business. Our team can implement artificial intelligence to transform the data generated by telecom operations into a valuable asset. AI processes and analyzes this data to extract valuable insights and patterns, enabling personalized services, location-based offerings, and market research opportunities. Operators can create custom data products, ensure data privacy and compliance, and establish pricing models to maximize revenue from telecom data while enhancing customer experiences and staying competitive.

Architectural Services

We develop top-of-the-line telecommunications systems designed to optimize workflows, streamline communication processes, and capture new markets for telecom companies looking to guarantee added operational value. We develop custom systems solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to reduce costs, generate new revenue sources, and create the ultimate user experience through issue diagnosis, system optimization, and problem resolution services. As one of the top telecom solution providers, Intellias helps businesses launch new telecom software products, manage their quality, and process user requests timely. Outdated systems slow down business development, do not allow it to grow, and reduce competitiveness. Modernizing legacy software gives businesses the go-ahead and opens up a window of opportunity for them to scale their services, increase the loyalty of present customers and attract new ones. The working environment is now more adaptable thanks to telecommunications software.

Telecom software development – FAQ

The timeframe of telecom software development depends on several factors, such as your desired features and functionality and the complexity of the project. During our consultative phase, we’ll be able to provide an estimated time interval once we understand your requirements. To make sales, you need customers – and to get customers, you need website traffic.

It has helped the majority of people to work from home with various instant messaging platforms, virtual meeting platforms as well as shared files platforms on smartphones, desktops, and more, thereby undergoing a digital transformation. People have been forced to switch to these digital solutions that are vastly run by the telecommunications industry. Many companies have been able to continue working even with the impact of the virus, which has increased consumption in the telecommunication industry. We are a data, software and integration company based out of sunny SoCal, but our reach is global. We have been helping clients eliminate information silos, implement automated processes and make ideas on a whiteboard come to life with custom web app development.